Energia Myynti Suomi Oy


Client: Energia Myynti Suomi Oy
Campaign Goal: To make the brand stronger among decision makers in business.
Campaign size and quality: 2 fully wrapped taxis
Estimated reach: 1 158 000

Energia Myynti Suomi had a campaign in Helsinki metropolitan area. Wrapped taxis also made a quick visit to Pori for a weekend where Pori Jazz, Suomi Areena and Asuntomessut had +400 000 visitors.

Grano Diesel

Grano Diesel

Client: Grano Diesel
Campaign Goal: To grow conspicuousness of the HAE-123 service in Helsinki.
Campaign size and quality: 10 HOPEA-taxis
Estimated reach: 3 000 000

Grano Diesel had their ads in taxis driving in Helsinki area. The message was seen in the right environment - the traffic.

“We are really pleased about how easy this was for us. In addition to growth in conspicuousness the campaign also bought us many new users. This was success and we are planning to use GoGoCars services in future.“

CEO Marko Toivonen, Grano Diesel https://www.granodiesel.fi/

Pelican Self Storage

Pelican Self Storage

Client: Pelican Self Storage Finland
Campaign Goal: To grow conspicuousness of Pelican Self Storage brand in Helsinki metropolitan area and in Turku especially among people who are about to move.
Campaign size: 18 taxis
Estimated reach: 5 700 000

Pelican Self Storage used vans innovately to reach people about to move. Cars were wrapped in Kulta and Platina level and in addition drivers handed out special offers to Pelican Self Storage with receipt.

Campaign reminded peope that rental warehouse is a very handy way to extend your home storage when you are moving or you need more space. Taxis were really easy to spot from traffic and people thought they were moving vans at first, which generated a lot of conversation between clients and drivers who were briefed about the brand.